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☀In this world, the long-dead Heroes of Old are forever remembered and honored through a great magical device. This device, known only as the Chronicon, is capable of opening a portal into the memories – the very souls – of the Heroes of Old. Each year, a handful men and women are given the great honor to re-live the old tales. And this year, you have been chosen…

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All of the current information on the world of Chronicon.


Within the Acts, there are a total of 22 bosses - each with its own zone. As you might expect, bosses have a higher drop percentage of rare magic items but are also far more challenging to defeat.

Game Play[]

Chronicon is an action Role-Playing Game, that features randomly generated tile-set dungeon crawling. Chronicon has five acts, The Fallen Temple, The Elven War, Claierbourg Castle, The Perilous Wastes, and the Final Frontier; each with voiced bosses, an assortment of quests, and secret areas for the player to discover. Completing all five acts unlocks Tinka’s Domain. In Tinka’s Domain extra challenges and more difficult enemies lie waiting to be slain. Chronicon has

  • Over 400 unique+ items with designed special powers
  • Over 700 items with randomized enchants & qualities, build-changing powers, and powerful set items!
  • Over 900 skills, abilities, and perks to learn and improve
  • Infinite character progression via endless Mastery ranks
  • Hardcore mode
  • And Much More!

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Chronicon features unique 4 classes each with its own simple, yet immersive skill trees. Every class provides a variety of gameplay complimenting whatever style the player will choose.

The classes in Chronicon are:

  • Templar
  • Berserker
  • Warden
  • Warlock


Chronicon uses a stat system that combines utility and combat that is unique in ARPG's, allowing the player to optimize their build to the fullest. has class-specific Items and Item Sets making character-building more unique and increases replay value.

Item slots in Chronicon include the following:

  • Helm
  • Accessory
  • Weapon
  • Off-hand
  • Chest
  • Boots
  • Amulet
  • Ring


Item customization is a roulette system where the player must collect Crystal (in-game currency) as well as the crafting material known as essence. There are currently 3 ways of modifying items: Enchantments, Gems, and Transmutation. Each form of modification has their own NPC, with a prerequisite of at least one character having complete all the pregame storyline. These prerequisites are as followed:

  • Gemcutter: Kill first boss
  • Gambler: Reach level 10
  • Enchanter: Beat Act 1
  • Transmuter: Beat Act 3


The gem crafting in the game has three tiers. The player can use the crafting items of essence and 5 gems of the lower tier to upgrade to the higher tier gem. The player is also able to add and destroy gem(s) on selected items and can even change the socket types of the selected item. Each gem has its own stat value and each value is unique to the item and socket type the gem is placed in.


The enchanter, either Chantie or later on Chantelle, allows the player to enchant items with stronger enchants currently on the item. If a player chooses to do so, the enchanter can also reroll all enchants on the selected item.


Transmuting in Chronicon allows the player to use hidden recipes to make: spell codex, re-roll items, upgrade health and mana potions, unlock enchants, etc. The Transmuter also allows the player to remove the unique enchant (as seen in-game as red text) off of an item and place the enchant to an item that shared the same item type this process is rune enchanting.