Consumable Items can only be used once and are equipped in the belt slots.

MISSING: Maybe some Health Mana Potions inbetween and Values. Elixirs.

Potions Edit

Health Potions Edit

  • Small Health Potion
  • Health Potion
  • Medium Health Potion 425Health
  • Great Health Potion
  • Greater Health Potion
  • Grand Health Potion 1000Health
  • Superior Health Potion 1300Health
  • Supreme Health Potion 1650Health
  • Extreme Health Potion 2200Health
  • Ultimate Health Potion 3000Health

Mana Potions Edit

  • Small Mana Potion
  • Mana Potion
  • Medium Mana Potion 200Mana
  • Great Mana Potion
  • Greater Mana Potion
  • Grand Mana Potion 520Mana
  • Superior Mana Potion 650Mana
  • Supreme Mana Potion 800Mana
  • Extreme Mana Potion 900Mana
  • Ultimate Mana Potion 1000Mana

Elixirs Edit

  • Elixir of Fumes
  • Elixir of Flames
  • Elixir of Invisibility
  • Elixir of Shock
  • Elixir of The Steadfast
  • Elixir of Haste
  • Elixir of Fortitude
  • Elixir of Advanced Anomaly
  • Elixir of Reversed Anomaly
  • Elixir of Scrambled Anomaly
  • Elixir of Mind (Respec)
  • Elixir of Mastery (Respec)

Scrolls Edit