Jeopardy -0

Jeopardy is a True Legendary Ring equipped in the Ring slot.

Enchantments [Max Augment]: Edit

  • Your Critical Hit Chance is locked to 5% and for each hit you gain 6-12% (20-25%) Critical Hit Damage for 3 seconds, until you reach 10 stacks. After reaching 10 stacks, your Critical Hit Chance is locked to 100% for 3 seconds, after which it resets.
  • +1 Epic Enchantment*
  • +2 Major Enchantment
  • +2 Minor Enchantments

*Can pull from either the Epic or Major effects available to the item.

Potential Sockets: Edit

Other Info: Edit

Because this item exists, you never need to build Crit. Chance if you are capable of building up the stacks quickly. Since each hit, even if it's from a large AoE, counts, depending on the skills you use you can have a 100% Crit. Chance all the time. Instead, take a Crit. Damage in place of gear/enchants/masteries that increase Crit. Chance if you are using this since it locks Chance to 5%. In my personal opinion, this item is *extremely* strong because of the fact you can easily get to 400% Critical Damage without even enchanting for it, meaning you effectively have a tool that increases your damage by 4x or more.