Scrolls of ChallengeEdit

A Scroll of Challenge is a consumable item that can be used to open up a one-way portal to a random challenge area. Scrolls of Return are prohibited and if you die then the challenge ends without you being able to re-enter. They are only acquired by killing special mobs with the "Champion" affix who will then drop a scroll. When you use a Scroll of Challenge it will open up 1 of 4 possible challenges.

Champions DomainEdit

Champions Domain

The Champion's Domain is an area that will have a single boss for you to kill. After killing the boss 3 Golden Chests will appear.

The Rigged VaultEdit

The rigged vault

The Rigged Vault is an area with no enemies with chests spawned throughout. After entering you will have 20 seconds to loot the chests. Once the timer ends all chests are destroyed and all the loot on the ground that hasn't been picked up will vanish.

The Arena of DeathEdit

The arena of death

In this challenge you will face 5 waves total of enemies with each wave becoming slightly stronger. After 5 waves you will face a Boss Wave which will contain at least 2 Champion Mobs. After beating the Boss Wave 3 Golden Chests will spawn.

The Crumbling ReliquaryEdit

The crumbling reliquary
In this challenge you will be forced to run away as the room crumbles behind you. However, in front of you are spikes everywhere. Do not make the common mistake of trying to run over the spikes and tanking them as they will kill you. You have to pay attention to the openings and dodge the spiked traps. Also, you will find a lot of Legendary chests that spawn off to the sides in groups of 3, so if you're fast you can grab a few. At the end, you will be rewarded with 2 Golden Chests.