Wispmother's Bow is a Warden-Only Legendary Bow equipped in the Weapon slot. It is part of the Armor of the Wispmother 4-piece Item Set.

It has a base Attack Speed of 110% and a Crit. Chance of 13%.

Enchantments [Max Augment]: Edit

  • +25% Lightning Damage
  • +15% Effect Duration
  • +1 Epic Enchantment*
  • +1 Major Enchantment
  • +2 Minor Enchantments

*Can pull from either the Epic or Major effects available to the item.

Potential Sockets: Edit

  • ▯▯
  • ▯◯
  • ◯◯

Other Info: Edit

Generally, Bows have either base Attack Speed of 85%, 100%, or 130%. Wispmother's Bow however has a base of 110%, which is 10% higher than a base. The only other Bow that I've encountered (and noticed) that does this as well is So'eria's Needler which has 140%.